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New record “Visitor” featuring Seamus Blake

Recorded in Rainbow studios during a tour in 2010, the new record featuring New York based saxophonist Seamus Blake is now released on Parallell records. Also available as hi-res digital download at gubemusic.

Listen to some of the tracks from the record:
01 Insert Witty Title

02 Moving On
05 Rules of Etiquette

Read some of the reviews available online:


Great reception for “Happy Accidents”
Solid!’s new record “Happy Accidents” on AIM records got good reviews in norwegian press (reviews and quotes in norwegian only):

Dagbladet: “Triospill med kontroll og autoritet” (5)
Aftenposten: “bærer et solid preg av umiddelbarhet og spilleglede” (5)
Dagsavisen: “Eit nytt album med forrykande moderne jazz frå Solid!”
Adresseavisen: “Solid! skuffer ikke” (5)
Bergens Tidende: “lavmælte improvisasjoner og tett samspill” (5)
Varden: “Lekende og utfordrende” (5)
Telemarksavisa: “Super-solid!” (konsert: 6)

CD release 2008
Solid!’s tour of Norway in april to mark the release of their new CD “Happy Accidents” on AIM records:

21. apr: Ibsenhuset, Skien
22. apr: Blue Note, Lillehammer
23. apr: Dokkhuset, Trondheim
24. apr: Brønnøy jazzklubb, Brønnøysund
25. apr: 4/4, Mo i Rana
30. apr: Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

World Tour 2007

Solid! did a world tour in may 2007, and played the following places:

19. apr: Belleville, Oslo, Norway
29. apr: Blues Alley, Washington DC, USA
01. may: Beijing CD Jazz Club, Beijing, China
03. may: JZ Club, Shanghai, China
04. may: Sax and Art, Ho Chin Minh City, Viet Nam
05. may: Sax and Art, Ho Chin Minh City, Viet Nam
07. may: Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, Sweden
08. may: Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, Sweden
09. may: JJ Smyth’s, Dublin, Ireland
10. may: Skydsstationen, Trondheim, Norway

Solid!’s new record
Solid’s new record on jazzaway records has made good reviews.
Quotes from some of the reviews (mostly in norwegian):

Dagbladet: “A great record from a trio […] that have made themself respected” (5) “Challenging, smiling and virtuosic”
Dagsavisen: “A classical trio setting with a wicked swing” «SOLID! has a personality that is boiling with playfulness”
TA: “This record commands respect” (5)

Solid! to Asia, november 2005

Solid! went to Nepal and India i november 2005. Take a look at pictures and articles here. Watch a clip from Mumbai below:

Norwegian tour with Will Vinson may 2005
Solid! did a norwegian tour with New-York based british alto-saxophonist Will Vinson in may. This collaboration was documented as the norwegian broadcasting company (NRK) recorded the concert at Blå, Oslo. The performance was broadcast on national radio later.

"Winners of Getxo International Jazz contest, Spain 2003"

SOLID! won main prize for best band in the international jazz contest in Getxo, Spain. Drummer Truls Rønning also won the prize for best soloist, and guitarist Bjørn Vidar Solli got the audience prize.

"Young jazz musicians of the year, 2002 "

In a biannual competition arranged by norways largest jazz festivals and ministry of culture, Solid! was awarded "young jazz musicians of the year".